I had the most interesting conversation with a client at the beginning of 2020 who shared that the astrological forecast for the year indicated a massive shift.

She said:

Everything that isn’t working will explode and fall away making room for new growth. Those who adapt and evolve will emerge better, and those who resist will face significant hardship.

I felt excited: I’ve been expertly navigating change since being struck by a car seven years ago. Being forced to surrender control at that time was so liberating for my perfectionist mind that I’ve since welcomed any challenge as an opportunity for growth.

That said, during that conversation neither of us expected a shift of this global scale.

But my sentiment still stands:

The opportunity for evolution is now. Change is inevitable (it’s already happened) and the possibilities are limitless.

If you feel anxious about change, you’re not alone.

Here are some reflective questions to help you facilitate the transition:

In the past two months:
What have you observed about yourself, good or bad?
What have you accomplished, learned, returned to?
What have you loved doing?
What have you loved being?
What’s most important to you now?

In your former normal:
What do you miss? (What did you love)
What do you feel relief from? (What wasn’t working)

For your amazing evolution:
What future do you envision for yourself?
What’s holding you back from achieving it?

If there’s one thing imperative for a limitless future, it’s health.

Book an IBS Consultation Call with me and let me help you evolve from IBS struggle to long-term health. Now’s the time.