Media Bio

Wendy Leung, R.Ac, is an IBS Elimination Specialist helping heart-centered, high-performing women reactivate their intuitive healing power and recover from Irritable Bowel Syndrome naturally, holistically and permanently.

After living IBS-free for over 15 years, Wendy was shocked to see so many clients in her acupuncture practice chronically struggling with it. She designed Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life, an online program for full recovery in just six months. Coaching individuals and groups, Wendy utilizes intuitive healing, eastern nutrition, mental/emotional resilience and a long-term health mindset.

Wendy has been featured as a gut health expert in Bustle and Authority Magazine, and her YouTube channel has garnered over 90,000 views worldwide.

Wendy is an ambitious scheduler and (reformed) perfectionist who delights in helping kindred spirits prioritize self-care in their busy lives. When not inspiring others remotely from her Toronto home, she’s relaxing beachside with her husband…agenda-less and loving it!