It’s been a couple months since we’ve been in this time and space, described as extraordinary, unprecedented, challenging, interesting…

I’ve called this time a rare opportunity: an amazing gift that we’ll likely not receive again.

Instead of feeling guilty about being unable to help…
Instead of feeling unstable and out of routine…
Instead of feeling anxious of the unknown…
Instead of waiting…and waiting…
I’ve been in action, taking full advantage of this unique and opportune time.

We never get to fully and completely stop.

Especially not those of us who are doers, movers, shakers, and community leaders; we never allow ourselves the luxury.

And now as Spring finally starts to bloom, things are starting to open up around the world and people are clamouring back to “normal.”

I’d invite you instead to stay in the moment a while longer and take time to re-evaluate your former “normal”.

  • Take stock of the past two months and then compare it to the past two years.
  • Reflect on what’s worked well in your life and then what hasn’t.

If you haven’t already made some changes, now is the perfect time.

Over the past eight weeks I’ve done a number of things to expand and grow into an improved normal:

  • Although my acu practice is temporarily closed, I’ve continued to mentor my Conquer IBS clients as they take advantage of this time to focus on their health
  • I’ve created and hosted a series of free 5-Day IBS-SOS Masterclasses to contribute my expertise where I’m needed
  • I’ve taken time to reflect and re-align to my mission and vision for my business
  • I’ve taken a self-care staycation to replenish my mental, emotional and physical energy
  • And I’ve feng-shui’d our home to refresh flow in our working/living hybrid environment (because everything is connected).

If you’re here in my IBS community, guaranteed one of the things that’s not working well is your health (in particular, your gut health).

I invite you to explore how you might make a change to better support your health going forward:

Ask yourself where you’re stuck, what hasn’t worked, and where you need help.

And then, expand and grow your new normal so it’s more aligned than before. To get my help with your health recovery, book an IBS Consultation Call and let’s talk about how I can support you.