Happy Valentine’s Day! I think of this day as a great opportunity to reflect on all the directions in which you’re pouring your love, energy, your heart space, so I’d love for you to reflect on this question:

What are your Top 3 Priorities in life right now?

Consider these broad categories:

  • Family (children, parents, siblings)
  • Love Relationship (your partner or dating)
  • Career
  • Health & Fitness
  • Social Life (friends)
  • Learning & Personal Growth (continuing studies)
  • Experiences & Leisure (vacations, hobbies)

You may feel tempted to choose more than three, but realistically you aren’t really prioritizing them all at once!

Now that you have your Top 3, consider this question:

How much time, energy and heart space are you dedicating to these priorities?

For example, if you’ve selected your love relationship, are you going on a Valentine’s date tonight? Have you spent time creating your date together or is it routine? Did you postpone it for another day?

If personal growth, are you on track with the course you’re taking? Have you been implementing? Have you fallen behind?

If it’s health, have you taken any action to get your health and fitness in order? Are you making healthier choices with nutrition, sleep and exercise, or seeking help where you’re feeling stuck? 

Now I want you to reflect on that first question again, and answer with more insight:

What actually are your top 3 priorities in life right now?

It’s entirely possible the list is still the same but weighted so heavily that there’s really only one top priority at the moment.

Or maybe the list is the same, but you’re so exhausted that there’s no energy or heart space to dedicate to any of them right now.

Or maybe what you think are your priorities are falling behind something else that’s getting more of your time and energy right now.

Sending you love, light, and insight.