Question: what do you think is the more important thing you need to know to really get your IBS under control? 

Hint: it’s not what foods to eat or avoid, although that’s usually the most common question I get asked.

The real answer? Fully understand your IBS symptoms: what they are, when they happen, how they’re triggered, and why they happen.

The #2 most common feedback I hear at the end of IBS breakthrough sessions is that I catch all your IBS and health details and show you connections you didn’t see before. I’m a detail queen, because I know how important it is to understand everything in order to create the right gameplan.

That’s why my 2-week challenge is such a game-changer: I’m going to show you how to dig through the IBS poo-coloured mud and pull out all the important details about your health and IBS that will get you unstuck and help you know how to move forward.

If you find my YouTube vids helpful then definitely join this challengeIt’s like 14 times the content about one single topic! 

(BTW, if you’re curious, the #1 feedback is gratitude because people can tell that I really care about helping them get better – and I do!)

Plus, join the challenge before this Friday March 29 and you’ll get to ask me questions LIVE on the congratulation Q&A at the very end!

So spring into action and I’ll see you there!