Spring is the time for action, and to help you kickstart your spring cleaning, I’m running a 14-day BUST YOUR IBS Symptom Deep Dive Challenge!⁣

I’ll teach you how to become the expert of your own health and IBS, by gathering all the nitty gritty details you need to create an IBS healing plan. ⁣

Even if you’ve grabbed every tip and tool from my YouTube channel, you can still get stuck knowing how to effectively apply them to get you better. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. ⁣

Join the challenge and get access to my IBS Symptom Tracker (usually only shared with my Conquer IBS clients), and every day for 2 weeks I’ll teach you:⁣
– What you’ve been missing by tracking your symptoms on your own⁣
– How to set up your tracker so it works best for YOU⁣
– How to ask the right questions to find the right answers⁣
– How your IBS is really affecting your body and mind⁣
– Which symptoms are related to your IBS and which aren’t.⁣

By the end of the challenge you’ll know what to do next in order to keep getting better and better.⁣

Help me make 2019 the year where IBS is finally not a forever thing for all of you!⁣

And even better: Start by March 29 and you’ll get to take part in the Congratulation Q&A at the end of challenge, where I’ll be live to celebrate your a-has and answer questions about what’s next for you. ⁣

If you’re serious about getting better, now’s the time: Spring into action and get your IBS under control for good!⁣