Something very cool just happened that I wanted to share:

At the beginning of the year in my YouTube vid called IBS and Lactose Intolerance: Why Dairy Damages Your IBS GutI called out the US, UK and Canada food guides for listing dairy as an important food group to include our diets. Many people are lactose intolerant and even those who aren’t can struggle with dairy as an IBS or IBD food trigger.

Well, it turns out that Canada was in the process of updating its food guide and it released a new version that eliminates “Dairy” and “Meat” categories entirely and instead merges those foods into a category called “Protein”. 

So for those of you who worry that cutting out dairy means losing out on important nutrients, this latest shift in food guide shows that you can find those nutrients in other foods that are easier for your IBS gut to digest.

They also made these important updates too:
– focusing on a proportioned plate rather than on measuring out serving sizes
– choosing water as the drink of choice and removing 100% fruit juice as part of a healthy fruit serving
– warning of the health hazards of alcohol
– focusing on HOW you eat (mindfully, cooking your own meals, enjoying your meals)

Go Canada and hooray for progress!!