When you’ve been struggling with IBS for a long time, sometimes you want so badly to be rid of it from your life but some tiny part of you fears that you wouldn’t know who you’d be without it.

Chronic illness isn’t just challenging because of the physical symptoms; it can also majorly mess with your mindset too, and I want to let you know that that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed yourself in some way, it just means you’re human. We have the ability to adapt to the craziest of situations and we can train ourselves to accept them as normal in order to survive and keep going.

If you watched last week’s YouTube episode then you learned that I was hit by a car while walking 5 years ago. I mentioned that it was a major accident: broken arm and leg, re-learning to walk with chronic pain, and I also shared that I was left with chronic traffic anxiety for 3 years. What I didn’t mention was that along with that anxiety I also had chronic fatigue. I was exhaustedno matter how much I slept so I had trouble accomplishing even one thing on my schedule, let along the jam-packed schedule I’d had before the accident. And on top of that, I was terrified of going into traffic, so the anxiety exhausted me even more. In order to move forward I had to accept that I was a new, slower version of me.

Why am I sharing this? After couple of years of chronic fatigue and anxiety, one of my mentors asked me the same question I’ve been asking you: do you truly believe that you can 100% recover from this accident. And I have to tell you, I wanted SO badly to say yes but I couldn’t honestly give that answer. 

So it made me seriously stop and think: I’d been told by my doctors that I’d struggle with a certain degree of lingering symptoms: limb pain, restricted movement, anxiety and fatigue that no practitioner had been able to resolve, and somewhere along the way I’d started to believe that myself. But the other part of me was a fighter, a “don’t tell me what I can and can’t accomplish” rockstar, AND a holistic healer so I’d already seen the miraculous power of the human body and mind through my work!

So I shifted my mindset. If my clients of all ages could overcome even more severe illness than mine, and if I had completely busted my IBS so many years before, why couldn’t I overcome my chronic fatigue and anxiety and become a new, better version of me too?

Much of the work I do with my clients is working to heal their bodies but an equal amount is supporting them through the process of healing their mindset. And if my story resonates with you, then you might understand why mindset work is so important.

So I want to answer one FAQ for you today: How is my program different than other IBS therapies you’ve already tried? 

The Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life program is a whole healing program. It walks you through awareness of your symptoms, teaches you symptom management, nutrition awareness and eastern nutrition therapy, stress and emotional awareness and stress management, positive emotional mindset and emotional resilience, and whole health mindset, joy and happiness.

This program isn’t about symptom-management: I created it with intention to support you all the way to health so you move forward instead of falling backward.

And IBS is not just a digestive condition: you will never be able to full heal by only focusing on food.

Listen to that “I can accomplish anything” rockstar in you and give yourself the chance to thrive! You CAN get better! Knowledge + determination + action = success, but you’ll most certainly fail at anything you don’t try!