A couple weeks ago I challenged you to ask yourself whether deep now, you truly believed you could live an IBS-free life. Then I asked you to imagine a holiday season without your IBS shackles. And then to imagine your life completely IBS free.

If you’ve struggled with your IBS for most of your life, you might’ve had some trouble picturing those things, so I want to share a quick story with you:

A few nights ago, my husband ordered dinner for us while I was away at work. When I got home, a matcha smoothie and a grilled mushroom salad were waiting for me. Now, if you’ve ever attended my online class or watched my YouTubes then you know that for IBS, salads and smoothies are definite no-nos: raw, cold foods. My salad also came with cauliflower (one of my personal IBS enemies) so if I was facing this dinner 15 years ago it would have been an IBS disaster including massive pain all night.

But instead, I ate that entire meal and my gut didn’t complain one bit! Since I’ve left my IBS behind, my diet has been varied, delicious, and restriction-less. Yes, I follow the TCM nutritional principles but I also enjoy the occasional salad, smoothies (especially fruity ones), sorbet, coffee and tea, fish and chips…and nothing happens!

And my story isn’t a fluke. The reason why I can eat like a “normal” person is because my gut’s no longer weak and my body’s no longer in crisis. The thing about eastern nutrition is that it’s not a diet; it’s intuitive eating: feeding your body what it needs to heal and function optimally. That’s why it works for all different cases of IBS, and that’s why it’ll work for you too.

Now, eastern nutrition is only one small part of the Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life! self-study programYes, your diet is important, but many of you may already have discovered that it’s not the full picture and that you can’t really put your IBS behind you by only focusing on what you eat. 

So today, on #motivationmonday, I’ve shared a story of what it’s like to experience IBS freedom. Are you ready to experience it for yourself? Enrol now and be healthy in 2019!