On #ThriveThursday I often ask the IBS Conqueror community to do a little creative visualization, and today I’d love you to do the same!

Take a moment to imagine your winter holidays at the end of the year.

What comes up for you? Excitement to spend time catching up with loved ones, looking forward to all the festivities? Or dread for all the parties, dinners and drinks because you know you’ll either be avoiding and skipping out or incredibly anxious and uncomfortable worrying about IBS disaster-management?

For most of you, I’m guessing it’s probably closer to the last one.

But what if I told you that your IBS could be well-managed by the time the holidays came around? And that it’s not just wishful thinking or me waving a magic wand, that it’s completely possible for you to do?

Kate, who recently completed my Conquer IBS program, had struggled with digestive issues for 13 years, so no one was more surprised than her when she was well on her way to busting IBS in such a short time:

“I started noticing positive results after only a couple weeks and by about 2 months in, I was not experiencing daily symptoms!”

Kate’s now fully IBS-free (woohoo!) and she’s awesome…

…but she’s not unique in this way. In two months, the holidays will be here. So take a deep breath, erase and redo the exercise, imagining that your IBS is under control by then. Can you feel the warmth and love of the season and do festivities look a lot brighter now?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually eat some of the food that’s served at holiday dinner and spend your time reconnecting with friends and family instead of being worried and in your own head? Join my newly-launched Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life self-study program and make it so!!