Happy and Monday don’t offer get paired together, I know: you’re back on a schedule, you’re working on things you might not enjoy, and then on top of that you need to worry about leaving the house and all the potential IBS disasters that could happen as soon as you step out the door.

How many of you feel that anxiety as soon as you wake up on Monday morning? How many of you feel it Sunday night and end up getting terrible sleep because of it?

And here’s the more important question: How often do the scenarios you worry about actually come true? And if they do, does your anxiety level play a role in them happening?

Part of the challenge with IBS is the stress and anxiety that comes along with it. Whether you’ve always been a high-stress person or your anxiety is only IBS-related, it can really start to overtake your life, change your inner dialogue and lower your self-confidence. And even if you’re keeping steady and pushing through on the outside, the inner struggle can be really hard to handle.

So Happy and Monday might be quite a stretch for you, and I totally hear you. But I’d invite you to think about changing the conversation (even if it’s just your own inner dialogue because actually, that’s the one that really counts!).

On today’s #mindsetmonday I challenge you to honestly consider this question: Deep down, do you believe that you can live a truly IBS-free life? Do you think it’s possible for you to put IBS behind you? Is there a way out? Do you believe in your own ability to heal?

Mindset is SO important to the healing process, and your answers to those questions might surprise you. But if took the time to think seriously about those questions at all, then you’re already moving in the right direction.

So happy and hopeful #mindsetmonday to you, and I wish you an amazing rest of the day!