We’re in between video series this week, and since right now I’m visiting the other side of the world, I thought it’d be perfect timing to write about traveling with IBS!

When I was struggling with my IBS, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere beyond where I absolutely needed to go – school, work, doctor’s appointments – and on the worst pain days I wouldn’t even go there.

I’ve spoken with so many of you who are exactly where I was, and also with other brave souls who pack their extra pants and muumuus, take all the in-case-of stop-gap meds, and go on those flights, train rides and family roadtrips no matter what. Neither option is fun, and even if you do go, so much of your time and energy is spent worrying about your symptoms flaring that you don’t get to enjoy your trip anyway.

There’s already a lot of planning that goes with travel, and with IBS there’s an entire extra layer to worry about. Can I eat the food there? Will there be easy access to bathrooms? Do I need to bring anti-diarrhea or laxatives to temporarily get me through my issues, even though I know it’ll make them worse later? How will I get over the jetlag when I hardly have enough energy as it is?

So are you supposed to either live like a hermit or carry an extra suitcase of meds and poopy diapers for the rest of your life?

My answer? Absolutely not! Remember: IBS is not a forever thing and with the right approach, you can get your life back and start enjoying the amazing sights, culture and FOOD that our beautiful world has to offer!

In fact, one of my clients just returned from a week-long vacation that involved a cross-country flight, ferry and bus tour into another country, and she NEVER ONCE let her old IBS anxieties slow her down because she’s already been symptom-free for months! What an awe-inspiring change in less than six months!

If you’re at that point where you’re sick of being held back by your IBS and serious about getting better, think of her recent adventure and mine on the other side of the world, and then start imagining what YOU could be doing in six month’s time when you’re free of your IBS too!

Then, check my schedule and book a free IBS Breakthrough Session with me so we can enrol you in the program and get you going on YOUR travel adventure as early as winter holidays!

You could be enjoying all sorts of food the way I do whenever I travel! (Can you count the IBS-unfriendly foods you see in those pics of me? Very delicious and totally cool in moderation, with my IBS firmly under control!)